Living in a Nation of Multitaskers

By: Mary Cate Long

We live in a nation of multitaskers. Everyone has their checklist, and the game is to kill as many birds as possible with the fewest stones. 

Eating dinner with your mom becomes a great time to also check emails. Driving to work becomes a great time to call your friend and see how she is doing. 

This, of course, is not inherently a bad thing. It is a very practical thing, and many times it is necessary in order to complete the day’s tasks. However, some things deserve our full attention.

Lately, my goal has been to do everything with intentionality. I want to intentionally make time to spend with my brothers, to intentionally set aside space to exercise each morning. 

Even with small, silly things, I want to be purposeful. If I am eating lunch at my house, I want to be focused on that. I want to be thankful for my food and enjoy every nibble. Even if I am simply checking Facebook, I want to be doing that in a specific time set aside for that, instead of randomly checking in spare moments throughout the day. 

Approaching life with intentionality allows us to slow down and live more in the present. Instead of the constant mental juggling, we can focus. 

Strangely enough though, I think that the reason that we get so set in our multitasking ways is because we don’t want to slow down, to have a moment to look up. It’s scary. If we give our brain room to roam, who knows what we will think about. 

When you are constantly multitasking, you are constantly distracted; you constantly have a plan and a purpose. When you attempt to slow your brain down and do things intentionally, you have to face whatever thoughts or feelings you may be running from. And this is scary for sure, but it’s also so important.

This is all of course not to say that you should never ever do two or three things at the same time. My proposition is simply that we should try to live more simply when we can. Let’s take in every moment. Let’s realize how joyful and how sad life can be at different times. Let’s clear our minds. Let’s give proper attention to what’s important.