25 Ways to Save

By: Chandler Kidd

Money plays a role in each of our lives. Despite this, it seems that many of us struggle to understand what role we should allow it to play. How do we find that role? By answering the big question: how do I manage my money? This can be tricky — which is probably why we avoid defining money’s role — from finding budgets to live within to setting money aside as savings. And then, of course, there’s that elephant in the room: the fear of going broke. 

As women, we might feel pressured to use our money on things like make up and clothes. But the luxuries of life can add up fast as young adults. But hold fast, there is hope! You can save money, by simply spending wisely and forgoing “necessities.” 

Here are twenty five ways you can start saving money today:

1. Give up the mani and pedi this month — do your own nails.

2. Buy necessities (detergent, toiletries, hair products, etc.) in bulk. 

3. Remember: bar soap is cheaper than body wash! 

4. Switch to a bank in which you don’t have to pay maintenance fees.

5. Cancel the magazine subscriptions you don’t look forward to receiving. 

6. At the end of every day, drop any loose change you may have into a jar (this adds up pretty fast).

7. Do some spring cleaning. Clean your closet out! Sell the items online.

8. Invite your friends over for ice cream instead of going out. 

9. Carry cash always as some businesses charge a fee for swiping cards.

10. Commit to bringing lunch to work twice a week (or every day of the week!).

11. Use Pinterest to cook for yourself!

12. Start small with savings: $25 a month from a paycheck equals $300 at the end of the year! 

13. Once a week, declare a day a no-spending day.”

14. Create unique wrapping paper by using magazines (funky fresh / good for the environment)!

15. Wash clothes with cold instead of warm water.

16. Likewise, air dry clothes when you have the time. 

17. Start paying all your bills online (no stamps or mailing fees).

18. Turn off the AC, lights, and any electronics before leaving for work. 

19. Watch less TV (good for the soul, too!).

20. Treat big purchases, well, like big purchases. (But #treatyoself every once in a while).

21. Brew your own coffee in the morning.

22. Start biking to run your errands a couple times a week. 

23. Buy the store brand! 

24. Use overpriced face scrubs? Mix brown sugar with your face wash. Ta-da (I swear it works)! 

25. Compare prices for everything. I mean everything!