Borgen Project Pushes Humanitarian Efforts



Article written by Isabelle Kiehl

The concept of global poverty is so vague and overwhelming that it seems impossible to even begin to solve. One of the hardest parts is narrowing down one philanthropic idea and evolving it into an actual campaign. Luckily, The Borgen Project already has that covered, which allows us to make a difference without giving up massive amounts of money or time. This nonprofit campaign is working to end global poverty by encouraging people to contact their Congressional leaders and express support for poverty-reducing legislation. They fight poverty on the large-scale by teaching us how to use the biggest advantage that we have—our voice.

The Borgen Project is currently promoting eleven bills, but one in particular really resonates with me. The Protecting Girls’ Access to Education in Vulnerable Settings Act is a bipartisan bill designed to decrease the educational discrimination that refugee children—especially females—experience. Under this bill, the U.S. will work with the countries that accept refugees to help them provide primary and secondary educationopportunities. Our funding will go toward anything the schools need that will help them admit more children, such as larger buildings or more teachers. On top of that, the U.S. will specifically support the inclusion of girls in these educational programs by making sure that they are proportionately included. 

The House of Representatives passed this bill last October, and we can actually help it get through the Senate! The Borgen Project website has email templates that you can send your Congressional leaders to voice your support for a particular bill. It truly takes less than a minute—you only need to click on the legislation, put in your name and address, and press send. Each week, Congressional staffers make a list of everything people have emailed and called about in that week, and our leaders go over this list to see what’s important to the people that they represent.Although it seems like an email won’t accomplish much, The Borgen Project has found that often leaders will support a bill after just 7-10 of their constituents email them about it. We can actually make a difference! Please take a minute today to help make the lives better for girls around the world by visiting