Period Party: An Interview with the Co-Founder of FEM Project

Interview by Mistral Salas

FEM Project, or Feminine Every Month, is an organization created by Isabel Fields and Grace Westlin. FEM Project provides menstrual supplies to homeless women who would otherwise not obtain these items. FEM Project is based in Los Angeles. 

This statistic from their website better describes the need:

"46,874 homeless reside in the greater Los Angeles area. For the thousands of homeless women, the few days a month where women should be embracing their femininity can be their hardest; a year’s supply of tampons costs approximately $70 and without sanitary products, women risk infection as well as discomfort."

Here is our interview with one of the co-founders, Isabel:

Hi Isabel! We love to start our interviews with the basics, so tell us a little bit about yourself! How old are you, what is your 9-5, some of your favorite things? 

My name is Isabel Fields, I'm 18 years old and I'm the co-founder and president of FEM Project. My 9-5 is pretty dependent on the time of year. I'll be starting Smith College in a few days as a freshman (ahh!). I'd like to think I'm just your average girl; I enjoying hanging out with friends, cooking with my mom, and being surrounded by people I love. 


How did FEM Project, or Feminine Every Month, come about? What initially drew you to this cause?

It all started with a school drive, it was so successful that my co-founder and I didn't see a reason to stop. I've always had these big dreams of saving the world, but they were nothing that I could do now. FEM solves a need in my own community that I could solve now.


We love the idea of helping end the period stigma. Obviously, you ladies do as well. What is some of the feedback you’ve received from this project from outsiders and donors?

We get great feedback; most people say that they are refreshed by someone working towards destigmatizing menstruation. 


What does “feminism” mean to you?

Feminism is whatever someone wants it to be. To me, feminism means freedom, equality, power, love.


Who has inspired you throughout this journey with FEM Project?

I love it when people reach out to me and say how much FEM has changed their personal life. From affluent women to women who we donate to, their feedback and gratitude is life-changing.


What is something most people don’t realize about FEM Project?

Most people don't realize that I'm 18. It's funny when I meet someone or it comes up, it's hilarious how shocked they are.


What kind of response do you get from the women who receive these supplies? 

They're usually very overjoyed and grateful. It's a joy to see the smile on their faces. 


Just for fun, a question about diva cups. One of our girls did a blog a couple of months ago on her journey with the mystery that is the diva cup. Have you tried them yourself? Yay or nay? 

I've only tried the diva cup brand and it didn't work for me. Personally, I prefer all natural cotton tampons. 


Where do you see FEM Project going in the next year or two? 

I'm really hoping and trying to allow a platform for women to host their own period parties. Let's go national!


Check out FEM Project on Instagram and on their website, for more info on what these girls are doing and on how you can donate.

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