Healthy Fall Routines (When You Live in Eternal Summer)

by Molly Kruse

If you live in Oklahoma the weather might lead you to believe otherwise, but fall is officially upon us. A change of season means a change in rhythm and priorities, and fall is no exception. The jolt of jobs, schoolwork, and shorter days after summer’s reprieve can sometimes be difficult to adjust to, but these tips will help you slide seamlessly into sweater season.

1. Surround yourself with earthy scents. Essential oils like cinnamon, clove, sandalwood and orange can reduce inflammation, provide antioxidants, help clear your mind, and build immunity. Cinnamon sprinkled onto your oatmeal or a sprig of rosemary with your roasted vegetables are also delicious options to get some autumnal scents into your day.

2. Listen to classical music. Take a hiatus from summer’s upbeat pop anthems and calm your mind with Mozart, Handel or Vivaldi (listening to Autumn from “The Four Seasons” would be a particularly on point choice).

3. Go for a run. Take advantage of the lovely weather to take your exercise routine outdoors. Run, jog, or even do yoga in the cool fall air.

4. Go thrifting for special sweaters. From sleek turtlenecks to comfy cashmere to embroidered threads that look like they came from someone’s grandmother, there are all manner of sweaters just waiting to be found at your local thrift store. Invest in some staples to lounge around the house in, sipping tea and staring out of the window like the Instagram sweater model we all know you are.

5. Drink tea. Ginger tea, peppermint tea, green tea, black tea. It'll hydrate you and keep you toasty warm. Preferably performed in a sweater (see above).

6. Read old books. Pull out a favorite book you haven’t read in a while, something you can really immerse yourself in. It could be an Agatha Christie, Jane Austen or an obscure bird-watching guide from a used book store—whatever makes you want to slow down and read.

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