Want to Write for Beloved's Next Issue?

We're building the foundation of our next issue (coming out this November) and we want you to be part of it!

To apply to have your work published in this issue, email your name, a brief bio (no cover letter, just introduce yourself), and 2 writing samples (Beloved-style writing samples. I'm sure your research paper is great, but please don't make me read it.) to victoria@beloved-magazine.com by this Friday, August 4, at 5pm.

show us what you can do in real time! we have 7 sections, flex on whichever 1 (or 2 or 3) is your favorite. (under 250 words each please)

Style & Beauty: review a mascara, write up a trend watch, tear apart the patriarchy, etc.
News & Trends: give us something good! What's going on in the world that you think is important for readers to know about/have an opinion on.
Creativity & Adventure: hobbies/crafts/international travel/the tension of living a creative life/and MORE.
Vocation & Resources: do you actually have it together? we do not. plz help. (or commiserate)
Health: recipes & workouts & meditation & more - what's working (or failing) for you? 
Relationships: a place for your personal narrative about your mom or the story of the worst first date you've ever been on
Inspiration: pretty much everything else

Pitch an idea that corresponds to one of those sections /\ , that you'd like to write about for the next issue! (under 250 words please)

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