Thoughts You Have In the Pool

by: Mistral Salas

Pool days are the best aren’t they? You grab your towel, some sunscreen if you’re cautious (smart), chap stick, a book, and maybe a friend or a cool drink. You’re all set. You lather up on the sunscreen and immediately jump into the water because it’s 103 degrees outside, probably defeating the purpose of putting on said sunscreen in the first place. But hey, your feet were burning! You settle into your float and close your eyes, lost in the bliss and of course, blinded by the sun. Then your brain bombards you with all of these thoughts:

1.     Crap, I have to pee.

You literally just got in. Now you have to get out, get your towel wet, and find a bathroom. Once you’re done, you pull up your damp swimsuit and curse getting in the pool unprepared. But you retreat back to the pool and return completely fulfilled by the sweet relief.

2.     Everything around me is buzzing.

The insects. Bees. Wasps. Horseflies. They flock to you and you either fight back and splash or go underwater for a minimum of 6 seconds. It’s worth it though... right?

3.     It’s so hot and I’m probably permanently damaging my skin. But you know, tans.

Does the tan justify the damage? Or, is your sunscreen really waterproof/are you applying enough? You then vow to apply twice as much next time.

4.     Don’t forget to Instagram this.

Flamingo floats and floating beer coozies. Cute towels and sunglasses. Pineapple tumblers. Your best friends jumping in the pool boomerangs. So. Many. Opportunities.

5.     I’m definitely wearing my swimsuit all afternoon.

Because Man Repeller says you can. And it’s totally chill-not-trying, but you seriously love it so much and you wish you could wear it everyday.


What other thoughts do you have while in the water? Let us know in the comments.

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