5 Important Things My Mom Has Taught Me (In the Last Month)

by Mistral Salas

And let’s admit, there are about 100 additional lessons that I’m already forgetting. Sorry, Mama.

So I just graduated college and I’m currently writing this from my couch at home (my mom’s house). Luckily, I can count myself among the ranks of the employed - I start a new job in just a couple of weeks. I’m also happy to say that the decision to hang out at home for a month with my mom before starting my job was met with mutual excitement. It seems that all that mumbo jumbo she’s been telling me my whole life, especially in college, is just now beginning to sink in. It’s like I have to listen now, or else I’ll die on my own out there. YOUR LOVED ONES ARE ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY PEOPLE!

My point is, my mom says a lot of important stuff. Here are just five droplets of her wisdom regarding the real adult world:

1. Get Blood Work Done Regularly 

This is no joke, guys. Staying healthy is on everyone’s minds these days, but it’s also a good idea to check up on what’s going on internally, too. I experienced this first hand a couple of years ago when I was dealing with hair loss (more so than my usual dog-like shedding). After some blood work I was diagnosed with an iron deficiency. WHO KNEW. I’ve also seen first-hand how deficiencies in Vitamin D affect mood. Depression can be a side effect of the lack of Vitamin D, and it can be linked to the inadequate levels of other chemicals in our bodies. Of course I’m not a doctor, but this is just one way we can be more proactive on our health.


2. Invest Money If You Can 

If you’re like me, money can be scary. I mean really, why is there not a class on “How to Do Your Taxes” or “How to Hold Your Family Together Financially?!” These lessons should be required in college. A class like this exists on campus you say? Shh, don’t tell my mom. Anyway, if you do have a larger sum of money on your hands, it could be a good idea to invest some of it. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you where to do so, as I am not a financial advisor. However, my mom says the words “mutual fund” a lot and I am currently venturing into understanding the depths of this term. Also, “stocks.” Yes, there’s an app for that.


3. For Goodness’ Sake, EAT. 

As previously mentioned, I do not live under a rock and therefore I know that people are obsessing over being “fit and fabulous.” Heck, I’m about it. It’s time to throw that artificial flavoring and high fructose corn syrup away for good. What I hate about this trend (and I do hope it isn’t just a trend) is that a lot of people I see striving for their perfect body don’t eat as much as they should. My mom for one constantly throws food in my face like the fatted calf. And while overeating and gorging ourselves isn’t the answer either, I do think we need to give ourselves a break every now and then and eat a piece of bread (or three). Love yourself, you beautiful human!


4. Talk About Your Dreams Like They Are Going to Happen (Because They Are)

I read an article the other day comparing wealthy people and people in poverty. This article listed “poverty habits” that parents teach their children. One statistic claimed “82% of self-made millionaires pursued a dream vs. 3% of the poor.” Yes, everything has its rules and exceptions, but stay with me. Make sure what you’re doing makes you happy. Or at least that you can find happiness despite your job circumstances (maybe you’re just working towards something better). My mom is constantly bringing up dreams of mine and pushing me to remember them. A lot of lists with short and long-term goals are involved. 99.9% of the time, the things we want to achieve actually can happen with a lot of hard work. Mentors and weak ties (hello Facebook and LinkedIn friends) are key. Read: The Defining Decade by Meg Jay.



I’ve been doing a lot of this one upon graduating. Slight relief? I think so. But seriously, here are some things I’ve laughed at lately:

  • Downward Dog on ABC: A new show surrounding a dog named Martin and all of his inner thoughts on life, humans, trash, etc. A hit if you ask me. Think sarcastic dog narrating what your own dog is currently thinking as you read this.

  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: You’re either into him or you’re not. Personally, I love him. Especially on Twitter.

  • Family: Been around a lot of these guys lately, and they never fail to make me laugh (most times).

  • Bachelorette Parties: Austin. Texas. 10/10 would recommend having a friend who throws her bachelorette in Austin.


I sincerely hope you’ve found this Amateur Guide to Life from a 22-Year Old helpful. If you have not, please contact my mother.