Four Ways to Feel Like the Culinary Queen of Summer

by Victoria Storm

Everything about summer rocks, but summer food has a special place in our hearts. Fresh fruit, fresh everything, cold drinks, and farmer's markets - there's so much to love. Read on for a few ways to embrace summer's gifts, and harness the Culinary Queen that lives inside us all. 

1. Make your own cold brew.

This article is alternatively titled: How to Save Four Thousand Dollars This Summer. Remove all temptation to stop at Starbucks and DIY it, baby. Nothing will make you feel more summer-ready and impressed by your own foresight than grabbing a cold brew you made before leaving the houseI use this recipe from the New York Times, but I recommend not diluting it. (Also, please help me spread the rumor the the New York Times is full of wimps who like their coffee weak.)

2. Pick an herb, any herb.

Summer cooking is all about fresh, and what's fresher than a sprig of mint you pulled off your Very Own Plant in the backyard?!? This'll help you experiment with herbs (cheaply), and give you a new hobby to brag about. Win-win! 

3. Fresh Juice.

Maybe I'm actually just a sucker for summer beverages? Juicing is as healthy and summer-y as it gets. And bonus: your new go-to simple summer cocktail recipe - the juice from 1 orange, 3 oz tequila, 1 oz simple syrup, a few mint leaves. You are now not only a culinary queen, but a cocktail aficionado. How does it feel?


Seriously!! There are about a zillion reasons to choose farmers markets. Our number one nutrition resource Local Roots Dietitian says shopping local helps "push local produce and support local farmers and businesses. Not only is local produce more nutritious, but it tastes and looks better, supports local families, benefits the local environment and wildlife, and invests in local business for the future so we have local farms for years to come." If you're in Oklahoma City, check out these local options: