Ask Your Friends: What's the Most Embarrassing Love Song You've Claimed With An Ex?

by Mistral Salas

I was recently on a road trip with a girlfriend, jamming as we do. Some song we listened to reminded one of us of an ex, and we started reminiscing on the sweet trials and tribulations that this music reminded us of (from the suppressed, embarrassed part of our memories). When we got home, I polled a few of my friends to resurface their own “love songs.” You only have to keep reading to realize we've all been there.

1.     “Perfect Two,” by Auburn

Let’s just say the lyrics “you complete me” and “you’re the one I want to marry” are hidden in this mess of cheesiness. Sweet song? Sure. Embarrassing when it was with a high school boyf? ABSOLUTELY. This friend is getting married soon, and I might tell the DJ to play it?

2.     “Replay,” by Iyaz

Letzbehonest, we all know this song. S/o to the iPod (RIP) reference. It warms your heart, but it easily becomes the world’s most repetitive song ever. You know one of your ex’s played this for you at some point while making google-y eyes. Oh yeah, this one was my sister’s contribution, along with a Jason Derulo song.

3.     “I Melt,” by Rascal Flatts

Rascal. Flatts. There’s not much more to say except that the years’ 2004-2010 love songs were likely 70% by Rascal himself. I can’t judge. This is the south. Also, can we pause a moment for the RF cameo in The Hannah Montana Movie? Iconic.

4.     “How You Gonna Act Like That,” by Tyrese

This was a guy friend’s contribution. I’ll admit I didn’t know this song but it seems there was a lot of drama in this relationship. Someone must have wanted to bounce.

5.     “Just the Way You Are,” by Bruno Mars

Honestly, this song is the easy way out. I had more than one person “dedicate” this song to me, but it’s been done and done and done, am I right? WE NEED SOME CREATIVITY PEOPLE. No offense to Bruno’s sweet angelic voice, of course.

I hope you read these titles, related, and now look back on your own young love with nostalgia. In the words of Donald Trump, ENJOY!!!

What songs with an ex make you laugh/cringe? Let us know in the comments.