A Comprehensive List of Considered But Rejected Issue Titles

by Mackenzie Taylor

Because Give comes out in two days, here is a free behind-the-scenes look at all of the horrible things that we almost named our 5th child:

1 - Release - Because we always have release parties for new issues, and the idea of a “Release release” or a “Release squared” was almost enough to keep us from ignoring the fact that this word immediately made half of our team think of diarrhea. 50% ended up being enough of a percentage to throw this one away.

2 - Respite - Rejected for the negative connotation that this word has in the foster care system (shout out 2 social worker mothers all over the world)

3 - Shift - Free association led us all to the computer keyboard.

4 - Inherit - Trust funds, etc.

5 - Steward - Easily confused with Stewart; a word only used in Sunday school.

6 - Transfer - Immediate flashbacks to desperately asking parents for gas $ while still in high school.

7 - Bear - Honestly a pretty swag homonym. Bear - noun - as in “I am a fierce female bear that will tear u to shreds if u mess with me or my friends” (or I guess we could go the route of “Bear in the Big Blue House, bear hug etc.) / bear - verb - to carry or support.

8 - Yield - verb - to give way to arguments, demand, or pressure. *Buzzer noise to indicate NO* (Also would have had to make the magazine cover a traffic yield sign, which doesn’t go with our overall aesthetic) Other yield - verb - to produce or provide. (This definition feels a lot better, though the cover would still have to be a traffic sign, so no.)

9 - Pause - DVD connotation. Though not a bad one, just not the right one.

10 - Devote - Kind of sort of sounds like “commit yourselves to us”? Anyone? Kind of becoming clear that we really overthought this?

11 - Zoom - This sounds like we are riding off on our scooters in a puff of smoke. An amazing vision, though it is unclear how this word even got on the “serious considerations” idea board.

12 - Pivot - This was the runner-up to Give. We thought of all the ways one can pivot, and in our dream world where we are all professional videographers, we would have released an amazing video of a bunch of feet step-ball-changing to communicate what the theme was. However, in the end, we kept trying to find a way to communicate what the issue was about which was giving. Any obscure synonyms for Give didn’t capture the essence, though pivot would probably have been more fun to say.

13 - The Ultimate Winner: Give - Though we spent hours trying to avoid its simplicity, nothing can say the word we mean quite like the word itself. (Take this as a lesson in acceptance) (More vital world and life knowledge coming to a magazine near you) (@giveissue)