Q&A with a Beloved Writer

1. Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you? How long have you been writing?

I'm Liz Hadley. I'm originally from Berryhill, OK but I moved to Norman for college and now I live in Chicago, IL! I'm 22, and I am a 6th grade English and Social Studies teacher on the Southside of Chicago. I love working out, reading, baking, and watching the news. I've always loved to write, but I started actually writing stuff that I wanted people to read about a year ago!

2. Have you contributed any of your pieces to Beloved before? 

This is my first time contributing to Beloved, but I've been an admirer for quite some time and have always secretly wanted to be part of this group for so long. I love how they empower women and give us a platform to share our thoughts and feelings with no restraints. From the moment I found out about Beloved I was like, "yeah I gotta find a way to be a part of that somehow." 

3. What piece did you write for Bare? Why did you decide to write over this topic specifically?

The piece I wrote is about messy, dysfunctional families. My whole life, I have been ashamed of my family - that is doesn't look or act like I think a picture perfect family should. I've tried to hide the crazy and ridiculousness for as long as I could remember, and I finally decided to let go and embrace it. It freed me, and I am able to laugh and enjoy the mess instead of having anxiety about it. It was such a breakthrough for me, I wanted other people to be inspired by what I've learned in hopes they may gain some freedom too. And, honestly, just getting my story out there was helpful for me in processing my life even more. 

4. Can you summarize Bare? What do you think the draw of the issue/magazine is?

I love the idea of the Bare issue. We're real, we're naked and unapologetic of who we really are, and it's beautiful. This issue is about being yourself, being authentic, and confronting and celebrating our true self. With social media saturating our lives, I think it's awesome we can just strip it all down and say, "no, we aren't going to try to be perfect. We're just going to be ourselves and bring others with us along the way."

5. What's your favorite thing about working with Beloved?

My favorite thing about working with Beloved is the people. I knew many of the girls before I started partnering with Beloved, so I know the heart of the magazine is as pure as the hearts of those who run it. I'm grateful for these friends who push me and love me with everything they have. This magazine is simply a reflection of the courage, love, and light that shines in the lives of those who create it. 

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