Okla-Hipster City

By: Kiana Moridi

Maybe it was because I was living out of the country for a while. Or perhaps it was because my own circle of friends was evolving. There’s a chance I was more observant to the change because I, too, was growing. Or maybe my memory simply didn’t grant the credit that was long overdue. Whatever the case was, one thing was for certain-Oklahoma City was not how I left it. Gone were the days when Bricktown’s Riverwalk was as interesting as we got. What once was a Midwestern, country-loving city has evolved into an eclectic mix of creatives, local shops, and indie music enthusiasts. A place that once seemed to be simple and lacking in culture now resembles a moderate episode of Netflix's Portlandia.


Wide brimmed glasses, tattoos and piercings surrounding me at Brooklyn-like local coffee shops are suddenly an ordinary sight. A place where “Today’s Hits” (too) often filled the muffled background restaurant noise has now transpired into Radiohead and The Staves. Perhaps the city had strategically been clinging onto its secret culture and quirkiness, waiting to stun Oklahomans with a burst of unknown creativeness. Savoring its food trucks, so-crappy-that-it’s-cool bars, and hidden art for a meaningful moment-a time when the people can better appreciate this new feeling the city has to offer. Maybe it's been here all along, right under our noses, lurking in the shadows waiting for the right moment to emerge.


Nevertheless, we feel it. We know we're in the midst of something new-something fresh- and just want to be a part of it. The energy, the shops, the people, the conversation-everything is different. It’s hardly explained but easily felt-that kind of shift you feel when everything sits perfectly still-that moment you realize what used to be no longer is.


To the former OKC- you were charming in the safe, good guy kind of way. You always did the right thing but we found somebody else, someone much edgier with a bit more flare. Our time together was great, but it's time we move on to someone we've been waiting on for years now.


It's nice to finally meet you, Oklahoma City. You were well worth the wait.

Lark ReelyComment