The Universal Language


By: Chandler Kidd

Music is life: it breathes with us, “feels” with us and grows with us. Feeling happy? Remember Pharrel, there is a definitely a song about that.

Music is more than just the melodies that musicians create with instruments. Life has a way of creating everyday songs: the bustling of the fall leaves, honks on cars, keyboard clicking. These sounds create emotions, and we all know emotions typically cause a reaction. With life creating reactions, the music from musicians often time reflects what is going on in society.

Music is an art form, a luxury in any generation. Throughout history, art has been a rebellion that depicts a reaction to societal flaws. Music is the reaction that rebels to the negative reactions.

When I was six years old, music became my go-to art form. My mom would drive me around in her gold Volvo during errands, and I would be in the backseat next to my stack of books listening to the Rolling Stones. I guess hearing the Stones at such a young age just stuck with me. To this day that is one of my fondest childhood memories.

As we grow older and more mature, childhood memories start to break away from who we are. Old habits as a child quickly begin to fade away, but we still associate new memories with the old ones. Even though I have forgotten my past-that childhood memory still stays with me today. Some days when I am even feeling sad or lonely, I will blare any song by the Stones (especially Beast of Burden) to immediately put a smile on my face.

The song reminds me of where I came from and how far along I have made it. To me it is humbling, to remember that I once wasn’t as mature or educated, but here I am still today. Music has that ability to draw in emotions and implant those memories into your brain forever.

This is why music is so universal. Although we may speak different languages and come from different backgrounds, every human on Earth can relate to emotion. Emotions and feelings are the universal language that no extremist can take away from anyone. Music is integrated into our lives through ads, iTunes and even simple sounds that surround us during our every day lives.

That is why music is such an important necessity to understand as humans. Music is just another emotion that connects the entire world to feel and experience some event. Music reflects who we are through times of trouble and happiness. Without music or rhythm, the entire human population would be a walking zombie without any means of reliability.

And isn't that what we all want? To be understood and to relate to someone?

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