Do That Thing

By: Caroline Rubach

What is something you have been wanting to start doing? Something you have been slowly but surely talking yourself up to? Something that seems to be too big of a task to take on, yet you look at it longingly? What is that thing for you? 

For me, it was running. I always saw people running around the neighborhood like they've been doing it for years. They seemed to have a natural gift for it, like as soon as they started, they could run five miles like a walk in the park.

This was not the case for me. Now, I haven't actually attempted a five mile run before, so maybe I speak too soon. But something tells me that 1) I do not speak too soon, and 2) I am a great short distance runner - like the kind who rocked the 100 meter sprints in middle school track but stayed far away from those ridiculously long cross country runs. 

So I never considered myself a “runner.” My mom and I went on what she likes to call “power walks,” but by no means was I your casual neighborhood runner. 

Freshman year of college, I began to look at the track outside my dorm window - as I did in my hometown neighborhood - and aspire to run like those I saw out there daily. I saw something I wanted, yet I was too intimidated to go for it. From an outside perspective, I saw “running” as something that must last a good five miles or it didn’t count at all. It seemed unattainable as long as I looked on from afar. 

But the night I decided to just do it - to go out and run one mere mile around that track - my perspective changed completely! My idea of “running” that was once ruled by intimidation was now won by victory - through the smallest of steps!

I decided that instead of letting this idea of “running” continue to grow into a tall and daunting wall before me, I would kick it at its lowest level by simply starting with a mile. A meager mile. Now that, I could do - and that was all it took! 

I started running one mile on the track regularly, and I was enjoying myself immensely! I was praising God in new ways for the limbs He had given me to let me move in this way and for the heart He kept beating to accompany the new rhythm of my feet.

As I reflect on this experience, I see that often times we seem to avoid the things we desire to engage in simply out of fear for the thing we have built it up to be - not the thing itself. For me, it was “running” - the kind that is long and no fun, and that isn't successful unless done for miles without stopping. But what I really found victory and joy in was running - the kind that I can do for however long my body is willing that day, and that can be enjoyed deeply for the act itself, not what I built it up to be.

So what is that thing you have been wanting to start? That thing that you have been putting off out of fear of whatever you’ve built it up to be in your mind? I encourage you to break down that wall simply by starting somewhere. Anywhere. You will find freedom from the perceptions that enslaved you when you step out into the reality of whatever it is that you feared. You will be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

So step out and start. Do that thing!

Lark ReelyComment