God Has Not Promised Me Marriage

By: Quincy Taylor

The dreaded five year plan. Who even actually makes one of those? Me, that’s who. I had a five year plan and I was going to do my best to stick to it. That was until I let (lol let…) God get involved. 

Let me back up a bit. Upon graduating college in 2014, my five year plan looked a little, okay exactly, like this:

  • Move to Dallas
  • Become successful independent working woman (who don’t need no man)
  • Slowly be pursued into dating a handsome young man for two years
  • Engaged by 26, married by 27
  • Pop out the first child by 28

Before you knew it, I would be knee deep in kiddos, greeting my husband at the door with a kiss and a home cooked meal.

Yeah, I know that kinda escalated quickly. But, please, no judgment. I was really happy with that plan. I looked forward to fulfilling that plan. That was until God whispered a little revelation in my ear.


Next thing I know, I’m signed up to live in a tent for 11 months…oops!

And while I still feel this desire of mine to be a wife will not dwindle anytime soon, I have come to rest in the fact that my singleness truly is a gift. A gift that the Lord has presented to me with pride. A gift that I don’t want to waste away. This current phase in my life is one that I want to take hold of and take advantage of while I still have it.

Because, you see, without this wonderful gift I probably wouldn’t be preparing for this adventure of a lifetime. If my 5 year plan was turning out the way I thought it would – I would be working on my cooking skills instead of eating mac n’ cheese every night (SOS mom please send food) and spending my free time binging the latest Netflix series. 

I want to be able to tell my children that I was there. That I did my part to help. And so when I feel the call to go, I go. When I see a world on fire and passion to put it out, I pack my things in an (extremely small) backpack and set out to bring justice to those who deserve it and love to those who need it. 

Now that’s not to say that I don’t eventually want a husband and a handful of kiddos that I devote my life to. I’m not ashamed of that desire. But for now, I’m embracing this precious gift the Lord has given to me and exploring every advantage it offers.

Thankfully, along the way of preparing for this exciting journey, friendships have formed. Friends like Go Rings, an organization that partners with mission-minded individuals to share their profits with them so they can go where they are called. Ring by ring, they are advocates for the bold - the adventurers - the disciples who make disciples. Started by a World Racer trying to raise funds, this fundraiser grew and grew.  

Now Go Rings has offered to partner with me until June 10th. I will received 30% of each purchase made in my name. So treat yoself with a fancy ring, pair of earrings, or bracelet by visiting www.gorings.us or www.gorings.etsy.com and help send a missionary out among the nations. 

So yes, our five year plans may not turn out the way we expected. But we can rest in the idea that God has promised us Himself. And for now, that is enough.