PSA: Coconut Oil Is Still Great And I’m A Fan

By: Taylor Nam

The only thing I buy in bulk is coconut oil—organic virgin—from Costco and I have zero shame because that is just how basic I am. Right now I have two tubs going. One in the shower, one on the bathroom counter. I’m basically a coconut fiend. Coconut milk is my jam (where my lactose intolerant/dairy allergy people at?!). I’ve been known to eat spoonfuls of shaved coconut straight from the bag. Because yes. Because tropical and beaches and my mom had finished off the dark chocolate chips with some cookies and I had nothing else to snack on while I was home. 

Plus, coconut is a fruit (vegetable?). It grows on a tree. A seed? Whatever it is, it comes from the earth and is therefore has some kind of health benefit, I’m sure. 

So we get it: I have always loved coconut-flavored things and coconut-milky things. However, I have just recently discovered the innumerable feats of (cue super dramatic music from, like, the Lion King) the oil of the coconut also known as coconut oil.

Now, I get it. I’m late to the bandwagon. A few years ago, my Facebook feed shared something about “coconut pulling” and also something about how coconut oil spot-treats fat? Like, you rub the coconut oil on a spot, say, your lower stomach or your inner thigh because those parts of your body are a bit more jiggly than others. I speak from personal experience here. Anyway, you just kindof slap this oil stuff around and then zap the fat is gone! 

Okay. So. I was skeptical, not just about the fat zapping but about everything to do with coconut oil. Because I’m super trendy and anti-establishment, I turned my back on everything coconut oil and blundered along my merry way, laughing at those selling their souls to those sparkling glass jars of white goop. 

Well, we all want what we can’t or don’t have. And my roommate had this jar of coconut oil sitting in the shower, very prim and proper. So I tried some. Because I’m a jealous, covetous thief who just wanted to try it, just once, because she had been raving on and on and on about it. I felt silly, really, diving into the jar of conformity. But it was a moment of weakness, of stupid thieving weakness. 

And, friends, I tell you truly: I have never looked back. I now buy my own coconut oil (from Costco, because stocking up for winter/summer/whatever) and I have discovered or, more accurately, I have read online these helpful hints: 

Toothpaste: 6 tbsps of baking soda, 6 tbsps of coconut oil, a few drops of lemon essential oils (for flavor, optional). I’ve been using it for a total of three days now and I totally see a difference. Totally. Even if it’s all in my head, I totally see it. 

Lotion: I use it instead of lotion. Besides the moisturizing effects, I smell like all the good parts of a piña colada. Who wouldn’t want that?! 

Skin, skin skiiiiiiin: my acne is disappearing by the day. I have adult acne and it’s the worst, but, I just, I don’t know….this coconut oil stuff really seems to be working on it. And I’ve done the antibiotic, the topicals, the birth control. And this is what seems to be working—the white goop. Amazing. 

And that’s about it. As I started thinking about this Lifestyle article and what I could write about, I thought of a few things. I thought about how I pay $3 just to wash a load of clothes in my building. I thought about reading away my Friday nights. I thought about how I ride the bus, scramble my eggs, window shop for new gum flavors in my free time. I thought about running, eating, working, all things that define my lifestyle. And I kept coming back to coconut oil. So, yes, coconut oil is a lifestyle. At least, it is for me and it should be for you because you’re life will forever be changed. You’re welcome.