Oh, The Places

 photo by Aaron Burden

photo by Aaron Burden

By: Taylor Nam

I just finished reading Oh, the Places You’ll Go so now I’m bawling into my latte, because adulthood. I can’t help it if the poetry speaks to my soul. You know, sometimes words just hit you the right way at the right time and you sniffle/blubber/weep (depending on your caffeine-to-crisis ratio that morning) and then you’ll go to work and tell everyone things like: today is your day and soar to high heights.

On March 2nd, Theodor Seuss Geisel turned one-hundred-and-twelve. 

In celebration, schools across America remembered the whimsical author by reading Seuss books, dressing up as Who’s down in Whoville or Things 1 and 2 or even transforming into a member of the 1-Fish-2-Fish Squad. There were cupcakes and colored goldfish and crafts. Tutus in all colors. Red and white striped hats and cat whiskers. 

For many schools, this whole week has been given over to Seussical shenanigans. Kids indulged in their wildest dreams of what rhyme means. They met unbelievably memorable characters like snuvs (wearing gloves) and sneetches and the Lorax. Little people lived on specks of flower dust. Cats ate cake in the bathtub. Wockets appeared in pockets. A fox wore socks.

So is it any wonder that I was blubbering over Oh, the Places?! It’s imagination, it’s heart, it’s encouragement, it’s life-giving and reality-knowing and adventure-seeking. It’s everything that I needed to read, to know. The book that looped into my ears like curlicues of lollipop sugar as a child never fails to kick up the heels of tempting midweek slumpishness: get on your way! I don’t have much to say in this piece, except to say: Dr. Seuss’s birthday week is a current, ongoing, inspiring event and you should read one of his tales. Just one. Or seven, depending on your need/desire. Celebrate the characters, the color, and all the places you will go.