Say Cheese

By: Kiana Moridi

My stomach rumbled like the depths of a wild earthquake waiting to erupt. I intended on sipping a few cocktails at OKC’s bar/restaurant, Powerhouse, but my belly had other plans. Scanning the menu like a vulture on the hunt, my eyes immediately locked with the “Grilled Panini with Parma Ham.” Here lie a true combination of two things I adore- heavenly Italian bread and a beloved childhoodmeal- truly the best of both worlds. Without hesitation, I placed my order and began the wait.


The godly fragrance of fried butter, grilled bread and stacks of freshly grilled cheesegraced the air- a tease to the heavenly goodness I was about to embark. Mouth watering and belly growling, the waitress places the masterpiece in front of me. There it was, sliced grilled bread burnt to a slight crisp, plain potato chips and a dill pickle; simple and straight to the point. A modest production as if to say, “the taste is enough”.


With an empty stomach and zero expectations, I dive into the first bite as the subtle grease oozes from the edges, dripping onto the potato chips. I take a bite of the dill pickle-the perfect complement of sweet and savory. The Parma ham-thick and hearty-the exact way I had experienced it in Italy. I unapologetically devoured the sandwich in what seemed to be less than five minutes. Not a crumb remained on my plate as I washed down its ruins with a cool, and perfectly hoppy, Amber Ale. Full of warmth and grilled cheeses, I left the bar in a haze-the kind of fog that hits after having experienced something you never saw coming-the unveiling of an unexpectedly delicious meal in a pub.


To be frank, my expectations were nothing short of low when I ordered this.  In the past, Powerhouse had strictly been a place of sipping and socializing for me. But, man, it’s never felt so good to be wrong. This OKC bar and restaurant not only crafts one-of-a-kind specialty cocktails, they also serve upsome of the best grilled cheeses I’ve ever encountered in my 23 years of life (sorry, mom, I’m still your number one fan). The crowd is eclectic and progressive, the cocktails are created with care, and the Grilled Cheese Panini with Parma Ham will leave your soul satisfied and your belly warm.

Lark ReelyComment