Politically Present

By: Kiana Moridi

Donald Trump is the president elect of the United States of America.Take a moment and let that sink in. Over a week has gone by and you may still be drying your tears. Maybe you’re even laughing to keep from crying. Whatever it may be, it’s done. So, where’s the silver lining in this dark hole we’ve dug ourselves in?


It wasn’t until I watched a recorded episode of Stephen Colbert’s presidential election episode(a week after the results were out) that I realized our reactions as a nation have been like a child throwing a fit, refusing to accept the reality. Jeff Goldblum, famous Oscar winning actor made an appearance on Stephen Colbert’s presidential election episode. Just in the midst of a this-is-the-end-of-the-world feeling, Goldblum shed some light on how to cope with Trump becoming the next president of the United States.


“I will not stay uninspired by what’s inspired me…I’m not going to say if my side loses, this whole thing has been a total waste of time. That’s stupid in my opinion. We will all lose no matter what and it’s the journey that counts. How we collaborate with one another to each other’s mutual benefit counts,” Goldblum said.


This election is just like anything else in our lives. Sure, this is more extreme but it’s another opportunity for us as American people to simply be in the moment- to be present, to accept what has already been done and just move forward. This is going to be the most challenging thing we may have to accept, but the fact of the matter is that this will bring us together. In a twisted, very backwards way-this tragedy (as some have been calling it) is something that is going to unite us. I dig the attempts of a 70’s revolution with the protests and speaking out, but I can’t help but wonder how much this is us living in the past- showing we haven’t accepted what’s been done. Hillary supporters, show love to women and minorities just as she preached Let’s come together in the moment rather dividing in the past. Dry your tears, hang your flags back up and let’s return to our lives.

Lark ReelyComment