From Bean to Brew

By: Amanda Clark

The sizzling steamy heat of summer is finally coming to an end and no longer does the great outdoors feel like the surface of 3,000 suns. Fall is beginning to set in and before all of the trendy hipsters wrap themselves up in thrift-store flannels and coat themselves in beard oil, we should all take a step back and recognize the golden child of summer, Cold Brew Coffee.

Me and thousands of others are in desperate need of an IV that is constantly fed by the sweet deliciousness that Cold Brew Coffee has to offer. What’s that?? You are a part of the minority who has no earthly idea what I’m talking about?? Never fear, I’ll fill you in. Cold Brew Coffee is a sweet sweet nectar sent down to earth by the Lord himself. It is created by steeping coffee grounds in frigid water for about 12 to 24 hours, and then filtering out the grounds and serving the drink over ice.

Cold Brew Coffee has straight-up dominated the caffeine market in recent years and I am here to tell you who has won the golden badge from my heart and takes the cake for the best Cold Brew.


Grady’s Cold Brew:

No one can resist that big ole 32oz dark brown bottle with “Grady’s Cold Brew” printed in a bold white font that one could probably see from Mt. Everest. While the packaging of Grady’s is sublime and as rad as they come, the flavor is even better. Grady’s has perfected the art of Cold Brew by steeping the grounds with chicory and a blend of fine spices. After those puppies have sat in this heavenly blend of spicy goodness for 20 hours, a New Orleans-style concentrate pours out like sap from a tree. Closest place to pick yourself up one of these bad boys is at the Whole Foods Market in OKC. However, if you are a busy bee and can’t find the time to drive all that way, never fear, Grady’s has launched a line of Cold Brew Coffee Bean Bags that anyone can order from the worldwide web. This one-of-a-kind Bean Bag will be shipped straight to your door for you to brew in the comfort of your own humble abode.


Stumptown Cold Brew:

After many taste tests and deep analytic research, I have come to the conclusion that Stumptown Cold Brew is the most recognizable brand of Cold Brew Coffee. In fact, some people would argue that they are the OG of all things brewed cold. Stumptown took a different approach when it comes to getting those beans wet and dirty. Stumptown takes the grounds and brews them without heat for a little over 12 hours, then they go one step further and use a double filtration process to produce “a complex, smooth and full-bodied brew with low-acid and a chocolate finish.” If that sentence alone doesn’t get you turnt for Cold Brew, I don’t know what will. Stumptown offers a wide variety of flavors which includes their Original Brew, Coconut Cold Brew, Nitro Cold Brew, Cold Brew Coffee with milk (both regular milk AND chocolate, holla hey), and Cold Brew on tap. LOOK @ ALL THEM BREWSSSS. Where can I pick me up one of those fine pieces of glass?? Look no further than Norman’s favorite breakfast boutique, Syrup. Syrup graces us Oklahomans with the opportunity to take a sip (or 4) of the Original Brew. It’s served in a mason jar over ice. EXPERT TIP: Pour out all of the cold brew into the provided mason jar and keep the 10.5oz bottle to put flowers in. It makes the perfect center piece for any table.


Chameleon Cold Brew:

I would like to think of Chameleon Cold Brew as the Cold Brew of the people, or the commonwealth if you will. Chameleon is the most accessible to us humans as they are stocked at Target and are sold at the most affordable prices. Not all college kids can spend copious amounts of hard-earned money on Cold Brew Coffee cause we’re all here just balling on a budget, and this is where Chameleon comes in clutch. That charming little reptile on the front is just as irresistible as the blend of the perfectly roasted organic Arabica beans and pure Hill Country water that makes up the oodles and oodles Chameleon Cold Brew sold. Chameleon comes in a multitude of flavors such as Carmel, Texas Pecan, Black, Mocha, and Vanilla. As someone who has tried them all, I highly suggest the Mocha Flavor, the chocolatey finesse is the perfect complement to any taste bud.


Gray Owl Coffee:

If you live in Norman or the Greater Oklahoma City Area, you should know of the one and only Gray Owl Coffee. (If you don’t, educate yourself). Gray Owl Coffee is where all coffee shop dreams come true. Local artwork and bikes are hung upon the walls and eclectic chairs and tables make up the chilliest of vibes that fill the atmosphere. While Gray Owl’s Iced Vanilla Latte has actually wrecked my world it the best of ways and has made me a better version of myself, I believe their classic Cold Brew is one of the best. Gray Owl steeps those bean to chilly perfection and then serves it in the finest of mason jars over ice. Go ahead and take your cake and eat it too by treating your pretty little self to some homemade pastries made daily. Gray Owl’s scones and cookies are the perfect complement to a refreshing brew,


If you’ve made it this far into the blog post your mouth is probably salivating and your brain is filled with so much Cold Brew Coffee knowledge that it might actually implode. You’ve read 8 long paragraphs, and I say that a Cold Brew is in order to celebrate your smart self. Cheers to the end of summer and the beverage that has brought such joy to its people. Long live Cold Brew Coffee in all its infinite glory.

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