Fashion Month

 photo by Jeff Sheldon

photo by Jeff Sheldon

By: Joan Daly

For anyone tuned-in to the fashion world, the past few weeks have basically been like one big Mardi Gras celebration. September is regarded as “Fashion Month,” defined by the endless loop of fashion weeks that take place all around the world. Kicking off in New York City before traveling to London, Paris, and Milan, the fashion weeks are so important for forecasting next year’s biggest trends. The September issues of major publications like Vogue and Bazaar become “the Bibles” (and it doesn’t help that they weigh as much as a small dog) and you are tempted to use the word “trendy” every other minute, even if it’s in regard to your roommates new tube of toothpaste one morning. For fashion girls, September is the “it” month. But the girls who don’t care about fashion, it’s just another month, or at least one with a cool Green Day reference. Regardless of your opinion of the fashion industry, it’s pretty important to be in the loop, especially when it comes to trends that every woman can incorporate into their own wardrobe.

Head-To-Toe Black
Although some may think that this look borders on angsty and goth, if pulled off correctly, it generates instant elegance. Pairing cropped black pants with an oversized black sweater will instantly make you feel a little bit more like Audrey Hepburn on a cool fall day.

Winter Florals
Miranda Priestly may think that florals for spring are so 2006, but what about for winter? I think she'd be thrilled. Small floral printed dresses and skirts - when paired with darker undertones like maroon teal - can brighten up any winter day and can easily be incorporated with existing pieces of a wardrobe.

Flare Jeans
Let’s have a moment of rejoicing for flare jeans. Not only do they take us back to the early 2000s (when they were paired with tube tops and platform heels), but also they are one of the most flattering jean cuts. Women everywhere can invest in a pair of true blue-washed flare jeans and have a go-to outfit for all of autumn.

I think that everyone should care about Fashion Month, at least to some extent. You don’t have to be the trendiest person to embrace a new season of change, innovation, and creativity. Granted, the fashion industry is not perfect. Some designers and houses aren’t ethical in regards to their mass production of products. Others over-sexualize and expose young women more than they should. And worst of all, the fashion industry loves to create the notion that you will not be happy with yourself unless you own what they’re selling. And that’s not true: I think that the fashion industry should aim to promote trends and styles that empower women, not make them feel self conscious and bad about themselves. You can wear the above trends, as well as many others that will be seen this month, in your own way, because you’re really trendiest when you’re 100% yourself!