Cool Summer Nights

By: Claire Conner

I’ve recently moved to Los Angeles, where the style game is so strong that your pajamas pretty much have to be on point. The weather is a fairytale with warm days of sun beating on your skin and cool breezy nights that take your breath away. 

If you’re anything like me you change your outfit 2,4794,710 times before you leave the house. Leaving 30 minutes late, your closet a mess, your clothes thrown on the floor all in an attempt to find the perfect evening out style. But I have found an answer to the chaos. There is an easy way to convert a simple outfit from daytime to nighttime. 

I like to wear flow-y clothes, especially in the summer because they keep me cool and they’re extremely comfortable.


For a simple day look, pair a flow-y dress with some cute sandals and add a basic canvas hat. The hat is the perfect accessory. Keeping it simple and chic without over doing it. 


Then when you’re ready to go on a date with the beau or have a night out with the girls, mix it up by switching out the sandals for some wedges or booties and throw on a long, light jacket. It gives the look a more sophisticated vibe in a chic and casual way. 

That’s all from the west coast for now. 



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