Yoga Poses to Benefit Your Runs

By: Brionna Sandridge

For some, springtime is the season to get in shape and start training for 5K’s, marathons, or anything in-between. Many races take place right before summer begins, and runners begin training months in advance. Studies have shown that cross training can be very beneficial for these athletes. Yoga is a challenging yet relaxing cross training method and has shown the capability to aid runners in numerous ways. It can strengthen and stretch muscles, increase blood flow to overworked joints, as well as enhance flexibility. Below are 5 yoga poses that can be beneficial for runners to incorporate into your own training regimen:

1)   Chair pose

·      Strengthens thighs and ankles

·      Stretches shins and Achilles tendons, as well as shoulders and chest

·      Energizes entire body

2)   Pyramid

·      Strengthens and stretches hamstrings and shoulders

·      Builds balance and coordination

·      Stretches the spine

·      Calms the brain

·      Therapeutic and helpful for flat-footed runners

yoga pose 5.jpg

3)   Warrior Three

·      Improves balance and posture

·      Strengthens ankles and legs

·      Stretches hamstrings and thighs

·      Expands chest and lungs

4)   Crescent Lunge Twist

·      Stretches legs and hips

·      Opens chest and shoulders

·      Lengthens spine

·      Improves balance and energy

·      Detoxes abdominal organs and kidneys

5)   Half Splits

·      Strengthens and stretches hamstrings, which tend to be tight in runners

·      Stretches hips, calves, and low back

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