We are Beloved Magazine

On paper, we are a young women’s lifestyle magazine with a home in Oklahoma.  But as you will see – we are indeed much more than that. The Beloved team is a collaboration of women – women of different ages and backgrounds who are eager to be honest and real about our lives in which faith holds the center.  Beloved Magazine is committed to being a vehicle of compassion, inspiration, and wisdom for young women everywhere.  We do not support idealism or putting up a façade to showcase our "best self"; we will strive to meet you where you are in the mess of life.  And we welcome you to our messes, too!  

 What makes us valuable is our ability to meet you in the midst of everything, support you in it, and challenge you by sharing the wisdom we have received. We are able to do these things because all of our writers are young women. That being said, we get it -- life is hard and weird and amazing all within the same hour. And for the most part, we have similar desires, fears, and questions. Here at Beloved, we can speak life into those things. We are able to challenge our readers by getting input and feedback from a team of women who have already walked through the the things we're facing. A team of women who are wise and humbleThis way we are not just throwing around hollow advice; instead we are giving away intentional wisdom founded in scripture, delivered through empathetic women. Beloved is designed with the intent that our team and our readers can find each other in the mess and walk through it together.

 So this is Beloved: women taking one step at a time towards our hope and documenting what we learn on the way.  We want to share in humility, exploring what we’re learning and opening up our desires, fears, passions, and ideas to create a space for you to find understanding, laughter, inspiration, and wisdom.  The lifelong story of womanhood is quite the adventure, and Beloved is offering to be your companion.