20 Things To Do Instead Of Looking At Your Phone

 photo by Pavan Trikutam

photo by Pavan Trikutam

By: Hunter Folsom

1.     Go explore a Christmas tree farm. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to frolic between pine trees with friends!

2.     Look up what’s playing at the nearest drive-in theater – grab a group of friends and some snacks and enjoy an old-fashioned evening. (And if there isn’t a drive-in theater near you, then go to your local movie theater!)

3.     Pick up a new craft, hobby, or book.

·      Craft idea:

o   Knitting a scarf for a friend.

Learning to knit is actually not so difficult. Buy some knitting needles and some yarn, and watch this tutorial here.

·      Hobby idea:

o   Writing a daily gratitude list.

I first heard of this from a friend of mine this past summer. They told me that every morning, they would write down a few of the things they are grateful for. It only takes a few minutes, and I believe it sets you up for a more positive mindset throughout the day.

·      Book idea:

o   The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis

So appropriate for the holiday season, The Chronicles of Narnia documents a set of siblings’ journey through a magical land covered in snow and a battle between the warmhearted lion Aslan and the evil snow queen.

4.     Go on a coffee date with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.

5.     Quality time with family or best friends.

6.     Seek out a unique activity in your city that you have never taken the time to do. For instance, a trolley runs through the downtown area of Dallas and you can ride for free.

7.     Finally bake that Pinterest recipe you’ve been thinking about for months.

8.     Drive to a nearby town you’ve never been to and explore.

9.     Watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

10.  Then watch “Elf.”

11.  Go ice-skating!

12.  People-watch in a cozy coffee shop.

13.  Go on a jog to enjoy the crisp air.

14.  Or a walk if that’s not your thing.

15.  Check out the art museum in your city / town or a historic museum. My favorites in Dallas are The Dallas Museum of Art and The Sixth Floor Museum.

16.  Suuuuuuushi.

17.  Look up tickets for an upcoming local concert and invite a group of friends along.

18.  Read Beloved’s “Gather” Issue (shameless plug).

19.  Watch “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

20.  Sleeeeeep.