Holiday Music Review

 photo by Maria Shanina

photo by Maria Shanina

By: Chandler Kidd

Everyone loves the holidays. It is a time of relaxation, a breath of fresh (crisp) air, and a time to gorge yourself on festive food (and music!). Whether Christmas to you is a spiritual time, a time for family, or a time for reflection on the previous year, holiday music is uniting as it reminds every individual of the joy within this season. Despite this, it can be easy to get lost in your daily routine and overwhelmed with family gatherings as well as gift-buying during the holiday season. One way to avoid this is to spice up your holiday playlist.

Indie music lovers all around enjoy the soft, angelic voice of Zooey Deschanel of She & Him’s Christmas album. For She & Him fans, another iconic pair to listen to are Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler. Emmy and Tim pair together to produce an album that allows the typical holiday music to be expressed differently. Released in 2011, "This Is Christmas" offers a listen into a more modern Christmas music style.

The album opens with “Marshmallow World,” a track with jingle bells in the background, immediately inspiring any listener wanting to bust out their comfiest Christmas sweater. What sets this track apart is that the guitar riffs along with Emmy and Tim’s voices, creating an injection of a revamped older sound into a Christmas carol. Throughout the entire album, the dynamic duo allows traditional to be blended with modern. Incorporated with this are some psychedelic synth beats as well, mainly featured in the track “Snowflakes.”

Emmy and Tim were able to stray away from songs such as “Jingle Bells” or “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” giving listeners a fresh collection of songs to dig out of their archive when they’re feeling bored with the same music every year. Still, the album maintains a magical holiday feel, awakening your inner “Christmas spirit.

Listen to the Album “This is Christmas” on Spotify, and check out Beloved’s Christmas playlist on Spotify!

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