A Letter To You, On Staying Inspired

By: Acacia Trenholm

Most often, things you love are what inspire you most.

A few of my favorite things are: ripping open a package just received in the mail; airports and the sound of take-off; the taste of raspberries; the scent of the ocean, its salt water; the feeling of sunshine pressing against my back; the first sip of a creamy chai latte; charcoal skies on a hot summer evening and bonfires; wandering; the sound of a stream trickling; breathing deeply; stepping into a hot bath; discovering a new favorite book; sweet, syrupy light leaking through my window at 8 AM; diving into clear, deep, fresh water; laughter; the millisecond before falling into deep sleep; film and music like this

Take a moment to list five simple moments, feelings, or activities you love. Then do those activities, feelings, or moments - perhaps breathe deeply, take a bath, go for a walk, treat yourself to a chai latte at your favorite cafe - or perhaps simply remind a friend or family member that you love them.

Because the things you love are most of the things you are inspired by, do what you love. Participate in life's simple pleasures. You'll then realize that doing what you love was just the right thing to tip the edge off procrastination and enable you to work on what you need to do.

Stay inspired.


Acacia is a photography contributor for Beloved Magazine; she is a guest blogger. She is currently in college in South Australia but she has lived in Montreal, New York, and England. She also has her own wedding and portrait photography business. Check out her photography and writing at www.acaciarachel.com